Your recovery is unique
Measure your progress and tailor your therapy plan
to get better faster.

5 Steps to Rehabilitation with OneStep

Getting started

Download the app and complete your first recorded walk.

Customized to you

Let OneStep analyze your specific walking habit

Meet the PT

Meet a OneStep PT for an online session to build your exercise plan

Start the journey

Easily record your exercises and monitor your progress in app

Work together

You and your therapist receive progress updates so that you can get feedback and adjust your goals.



You and your therapist can set goals for your rehabilitation.

We help you track your Healthy Steps, which are steps that your therapist defines as healthy based on your rehabilitation needs.


You can record specific walks and exercises as prescribed by your therapist, or just let OneStep track your progress in the background!

Our technology seamlessly tracks and analyzes your walking habits to give you accurate data on your progress anytime, anywhere.


OneStep provides you with detailed reports so that you can gain a better understanding of your progress and how you can improve.

We encourage you to feel empowered in your rehabilitation process and become partners with your therapist on the journey to recovery.

Patient's Corner

Felix's story

“After months of physical therapy, I felt very frustrated. The limited clinic time just wasn’t enough for me and I felt lost, often not knowing whether I’m even getting better. When I first used OneStep and recorded a walk, I was immediately excited. I finally have a way of understanding what my mistakes are when I’m alone, and a way to see what helps me get better and what doesn’t.”

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