Try OneStep today to begin your journey to recovery.

5 Steps to Rehabilitation with OneStep

Getting started

Download the app and complete your first recorded walk.

Customized to you

Let OneStep analyze your walking habits

Meet the PT

Meet a OneStep PT for an online session to build your exercise plan

Start the journey

Easily record your exercises and monitor your progress in app

Work together

You and your therapist receive progress updates so that you can get feedback and adjust your goals.


Learn about your walk

Every time you take a walk with your phone in your pocket, OneStep analyzes your gait and provides you with immediate feedback.

OneStep also provides you with actionable insights to motivate you on your journey to recovery.

Connect with a PT

Our world-class physical therapists are available for you 24/7. You can meet with them virtually to go over your gait report. But even if you don't, they monitor your progress and provide personalized exercise plans and feedback.

Have your own PT? You can easily share your gait analysis data with them.


OneStep provides you with detailed reports so that you can gain a better understanding of your progress over time.

View your progress based on ALL your walks - those recorded in-app, and anytime you walk with your phone in your pocket.

What patients say about OneStep...

“OneStep has helped my recovery by providing an insight into how I walk and how to improve this to reduce my pain levels. I would recommend this app to anybody.. It’s a great way to improve your hip movement and how you walk” – Anne, hip operation


“This is a great app! Encourages me to walk and gives me feedback with a remote therapist. This is very important, not everyone has a connection or option to pay for physical therapy, but I also enjoy using it in addition to the usual treatment.”- Tim, knee injury

What patients say about OneStep...

“I feel I have a service/framework that creates order for me when it comes to my physical therapy exercises. And regarding your therapist, I feel I have an excellent professional in the field. The trust and caring she instills gives me a lot of strength to persevere and continue to take care of myself, even remotely” – Ora, knee pain


“I love the fact that there is an opportunity to get immediate feedback and having one one consultation with a professional gives me confidence on my recovery. The app inspires me to workout every day. I take a walk daily knowing its on my way to recovery.” – Gene, stroke survivor


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