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Smartphone Saviors: Chapter 1

Rachel K

The smartphone you carry every day might just save your life.

Taking advantage of the powerful computer in our pockets.

Here at OneStep, we don’t underestimate the power of smartphones. In 2020, with over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide, we know that smartphones can make all the difference. Socially, they connect us with friends and family. Professionally, they keep us connected to information. Personally, they allow us to track and manage our time efficiently. Smartphones help us in so many areas of our lives – so what about our health?

We at OneStep know that when it comes to our physical well-being, our powerful pocket-sized, computers have the potential not only to improve lives (through fitness trackers, health blog apps, etc.), but also the potential to save lives!

In today’s blog post, we’d like to share with our readers three remarkable instances of smartphones saving lives in 2019:

1)  First, smartphone photos that led to the correct diagnosis.

When Yonatan Adiri’s mother had a serious accident while traveling in China, she almost lost her life. The local medical professionals believed that she had only broken a few ribs, and recommended she fly home to Israel. But her husband decided to take a few pictures of the CT scans and send them home to a trauma doctor who immediately realized it was much more serious: Yonatan’s mom had punctured her lung. Thanks to Mr. Adiri’s resourcefulness, and the smartphone pictures, Yonatan’s mother was properly treated and survived. Yonatan went on to found, another Israeli medical-tech startup, which makes at home urinalysis possible through “medical selfies.” We’re super inspired by their work in bringing at-home medical diagnostics to millions around the world.

2) When a 3-year old used Facetime to save her father from a stroke.

We almost couldn’t believe this story as we read it: When young father Trevor McCabe had a sudden stroke on July 4th last year, he was home alone with his 3-year old daughter, Molly. Knowing something was wrong, Molly used her father’s cellphone to make a Facetime call to her mother. Molly was able to show her mother what was happening, which led to emergency services arriving quickly. Trevor had suffered from a severe stroke due to a blood clot near his brain stem. Because of the Facetime call, and the quick response by emergency services, Trevor was treated right away and today is making incredible progress in his ability to speak, move and communicate. Trevor’s doctors credit this simple Facetime call with saving Trevor’s life.

3) An app that connected a CPR certified-individual to someone who needed her:

When Tori Smith, a student at the Madison Area Technical College in the US, went into cardiac arrest in the middle of class, a smartphone app played a role in her survival. PulsePoint, an application that informs CPR-certified individuals of emergencies nearby, notified a nearby fire department captain, Jen Roman, of what was happening. Jen happened to be in the college building, and immediately ran over and began performing CPR. Every 1 minute of cardiac arrest without treatment decreases survival chance by approximately 10%, so it is incredibly important to immediately have CPR performed. Utilizing location services and the ubiquity of smartphones, PulsePoint has created an application that will likely save many lives in years to come.

In conclusion – these are just a few recent examples of lives saved thanks to smartphone technology. Stories like these keep us inspired to continue building out OneStep’s innovative technology to help stroke survivors overcome physical challenges and progress in rehabilitation. We at OneStep believe that smartphones are tools that can make the world a better and healthier place, when used to their full potential. That is what motivates us to continue to develop, expand and improve our product to help stroke survivors everywhere in their process of rehabilitation.

We’ll be back with our Smartphone Saviors blog posts every few months, sharing the most remarkable smartphone stories, to remind us all of the miraculous things that can be done with only our phones!