Your questions


01Can I use the app without a therapist ?

Yes! Simply download the app to begin tracking your activities and measuring your progress.

02Can any physical therapist work with OneStep? Do you work through an insurance company?

We currently do not work with any insurance companies - only with private physical therapists. Please reach out to us, we'd be happy to hear about your practice.

03So, how does it work?

Using AI-powered technology, OneStep can extract meaningful data about the way you walk through your smartphone's motion sensors. OneStep extracts and then analyzes this data to provide you and your therapist with detailed, accurate information about your gait.

04What if I don't hold my phone in a pocket?

No problem. We can also detect your gait and progress if you hold your phone on your thigh.

05Is there a way to give feedback to the developers?

Absolutely! Reach out through our Contact Us page.

06What about privacy?

OneStep saves all location data anonymously, so you don't need to worry about privacy. We only ask for user location to assist users in identifying and naming their activities. Our technology actually works with and without location services - in fact, you can always turn off the location monitor.

07Is it free?

There is no charge to use OneStep as a patient or as a therapist.
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